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Frequently Asked Questions
EconoMenuCovers is not a re-sell company.
We manufacture every sewn cover we sell - keeping our prices low by cutting out middle men and negotiating low prices for high volume raw material purchases.
  We won't be undersold by any US manufacturer. We stock clear sewn covers so they are ready to ship - you don't wait when you need to update your menu.
Compare prices - then order with confidence that we will deliver your fine quality restaurant menu sleeves fast.
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Q.  What payment options are available? A. You may pay by credit card, PayPal, or by check. If paying by check, place your order on-line and check the box for "Mail A Check". Print your order and drop a copy in the mail with your check. When we receive the on-line order, we will box your menu covers and have them ready to ship as soon as the check arrives.
Q.  How many menu covers should I order for my size restaurant? A.  Menu covers can be damaged beyond use through accidents. Having a box of extras to replace those that are damaged will extend the time before you need to re-order. It is more economical per cover to order in larger quantities and get the price breaks we offer. A general rule is to purchase 75% of the amount of seating you have in your establishment and a few more if it gives you a per-cover price reduction.
Q.  When can I expect my covers? A.  We begin processing your order as soon as it is placed or by 7 AM central time the next day for orders placed after working hours.  95% of all orders will ship within 48 hours Mon – Fri.  A few orders may take longer if our stock is low for the items you are ordering, but we do our best to keep all covers adequately stocked at all times. We can replenish stock quickly, however, since we manufacture the covers and will assign machines to fill the order as top priority. Shipping times will vary depending on how far you are from West Texas, but 2-4 days is usual.
Q.  How are covers packaged? A.  Covers are not pre-packaged. We count out exactly the number you ordered and wrap them appropriately so that they do not become damaged in shipment.  Depending on the size of your order and the size of the covers, you may receive your shipment in multiple boxes. Covers that are received damaged in shipment will be replaced.  Please keep all packing materials so the shipping company can determine the extent of the damage and how it happened.
Q.  What's the best way to clean my covers?
How should I store them?
How long will they last?
A.  Menu covers will not last forever, but they will look new and last two or three times longer if they are cared for properly. Please click HERE to learn how to ensure your covers last as long as possible.
Q.  Why do you use a single row of stitches instead of two? A.  Double stitching puts more holes along the edge of the plastic, making it more vulnerable to breaking away from the trim. Two rows of stitching may look more durable, but it is not. Instead, we use a single row of heavy duty thread with a tight locking stitch for maximum durability – and half as many plastic-weakening holes. Stitching is begun and ended only at the edges of the plastic where a metal corner is pressure attached to keep thread ends from unraveling. We have many opportunities to monitor the durability of our covers as we visit local eateries – most of whom order their covers from us exclusively.
Q.  Where are your covers made? A. Our covers are manufactured 100% in the USA by American and legal workers.  100% of our materials are purchased from US companies.  This has been our company policy since our doors opened in 2002, and we will not compromise on this commitment to US workers and companies.  We make all the menu covers in our Texas plant - you don't pay double mark-up when you buy from EconoMenuCovers.
Q.  Can you make these covers in a different color, size, or page configuration? A. Not at these prices, which are based on large quantity materials purchases and high volume manufacturing.  For a quote on similar covers made to your specifications, click HERE
Q. Can I tour your plant? A.  We welcome visitors to our rural West Texas plant.  Click HERE to schedule an appointment and we’ll sweep the porch and set out a fresh pitcher of iced tea.

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