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EconoMenuCovers is not a re-sell company.
We manufacture every sewn cover we sell - keeping our prices low by cutting out middle men and negotiating low prices for high volume raw material purchases.
  We won't be undersold by any US manufacturer. We stock clear sewn covers so they are ready to ship - you don't wait when you need to update your menu.
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Place your menu cover on a flat surface. Keep the edge of the paper parallel to the binding, spread fingers, and apply slight pressure toward end of the sheet. Slide the sheet forward slowly while holding menu cover with other hand.    
Inserting Page into Menu Cover   STOP - If the paper starts to twist, slide the paper out and start over.  

Do not
force the paper into the menu cover; it will cause the paper to wrinkle or tear.

Use card stock for printing your menu or add a single sheet of cardstock or plastic between your pages to give your menus a sturdier feel.  Stuffing too many pages in the sleeve or using very heavy cardboard will put excessive stress on the stitching and spine, causing your covers to wear more quickly.
Care and Handling
1.  Wash covers with a damp (not wet) cloth and warm water.   Never use soap, abrasive cleaners, bleach, alcohol, or solvents with ammonia.

2.  Keep covers away from excessively hot or cold temperatures.

3.  If possible, store covers lying flat (horizontal) rather than stacking them on end.   If it is necessary to put covers in a menu box, do not attempt to stuff too many covers into it.  Excessive rubbing against each other will scratch the plastic and cause faster-than-normal wear on the trim.  Place a cushion of foam in the bottom of the box to protect the spines and minimize the impact when covers are dropped in the box by busy staff.

4.  Do not slam menu covers into the menu box.  This type of rough handling causes cracks in the plastic, corners falling off, and damage to the trim. 

5.  Try to rotate your menu cover inventory for balanced wear. 

Your menu covers will last longer if you treat them gently.  A popular local cafe has been using our covers for 3 years and they are only now beginning to show a little wear on the edges of the spine. These covers are stored flat on a table and are wiped after each use with a warm damp cloth.  We are proud to have made those covers!
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